• ZIID (Zürcher Lehrhaus), September 6-8, 2015
    On the Way to Renewed Partnership or How to re-build European - Mediterranean Neighbourhood?
  • Amman / Jordan, March 29-30th, 2014
    Assessing Recent Developments in the Middle East - ​Shedding Light on Intercultural Relations
  • Rabat / Morocco, September 1st - 2nd, 2012
    “Between Turmoil, Change, and Renewal” - Religion and its Role in Re-shaping Societies in Transition in the Arab Islamic World
  • Amman / Jordan, July 24-25, 2011
    In the Aftermath of the Changes: Problems and Future of Euro-Mediterranean Relations
    (Preparation Conference at the ZIID (Zürcher Lehrhaus) May 2011)
  • Amman / Jordan, November 16-17, 2009
    “We All are Minorities – a Plea for Pluralism” - Challenges and Chances of Religious, Ethnic-Cultural, and Political Diversification in Contemporary Societies from Muslim, Christian, and Jewish Perspectives, Focus on Middle East
    (Preparation Conference at the ZIID (Zürcher Lehrhaus), April 6-7, April 2009)
  • Stadthaus Zürich, February 21st, 2008
    Dialog-Welten - Europäisches Jahr des interkulturellen Dialogs
    with Federal Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey, Head of town council Elmar Ledergerber, member of the cantonal government Markus Notter and others.
  • Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, October 21-24, 2007
    Religion and Secular State - Role and Meaning of Religion in a Secular Society from Muslim, Christian, and Jewish Perspectives, Focus on South-East Europe
  • Sarajevo, November 13-16, 2005
    Visions of a Just Society - Fears, Hopes, and Chances for Living together in a Globalized World from Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Perspectives